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The cover for Album 74: Buckle Up (hopefully not nodding towards Buckles) has just been released, here it is:

Here is the official summary:

To this point Renee and Horus have only appeared in club adventures, not anymore. In Album 74, both are back for a scientific breakthrough of monumental proportions. But there’s a catch: the technology is based on Mr. Whittaker’s Imagination Station – and he didn’t give them permission to use it! Will Renee risk her friendship with Whit for the name of science?

Olivia’s spiritual journey continues. When she gives her testimony at church, big questions arise that she can’t answer. How will she handle it? Can she take the next step while still reflecting God’s love?

Elsewhere in town, friendships are at stake when Buck and Jules hit a
rough patch that could endanger theirs. Meanwhile, Morrie and Suzu
try to find a healthy path toward making new friends. And Wooton
faces a courtroom struggle that pits him against an o/d friend.

The folks in Odyssey are about to face all sorts of twists and turns. So
mark your calendar for December 15. Then keep your hands and arms
inside the car at all times… and Buckle Up!

It seems like Album 73 will not continue in “Buckle Up” , I wasn’t expecting it to, until at least Album 75. I have also heard that Eugene will not be addressed in this album, which is interesting because Buck is featured prominently on both the cover and the description. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this album, especially the episode dealing with Olivia!

I would be the first to say that is one of the best episodes of last year. Everything about the episode was almost perfect. First let’s talk about the story. The story was excellent as we got to see a “new” side of Whit. We also got to hear the classic Connie vs. Eugene arguing which was a fun throwback! The script flowed well and the transitions were done well. The acting was good. Katie Leigh and Will Ryan did their roles as usual and were good. Jess Harnel did a great job, better than some of his recent episodes. I didn’t really like Andre Stojke’s acting, I know that he was trying to be loopy, but he was irritable and annoying at times. The sound design was great, especially the train scenes. The music was playful and fitted with the mood of the episode. The moral of this episode is brought by very well. I love how Whit, Connie, Wooton, and Eugene are determined to see Penny’s art display. Now some things that I didn’t like about the episode. I wish we would have seen Penny at the end, that would have been great. Some of the transition music was annoying at times and didn’t fit. Even though I liked that the classic Connie vs. Eugene spat, I do think that they wouldn’t carry on fighting about that (that’s just my opinion) :). Well that’s it! My review of “Millstones” will be coming soon. In the meantime here is my star rating of the episode.

Overall Episode:

4.5 stars


3.5 stars

Sound design:

4 stars


3.5 stars 


4.5 stars

Clubhouse December arrived today, and the tagline for the album 70 “column” is “Multiple Mysteries” with this text below: “What happened to Connie’s car? Who’s behind an elaborate cellphone scheme? And why did Wyatt pull a crazy stunt that landed him in the hospital?…”

Here is my opinion in which episodes the instances will appear:

What happened to Connie’s car?

#906 Unrelatable maybe #905 Auto Response

Who’s behind an elaborate cellphone scheme?

#909 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off (Morrie did it!) or #905 Auto Response

And why did Wyatt pull a crazy stunt that landed him in the hospital?

#904 Jumping Off, Jumping In

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Jules, Wooton and Connie will appear in either
Make Snow Mistake,
Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss
Sew on and Snow Forth
The Snow Must Go On
Voice of Freedom 1 & 2
A Dickensian Dilemma

Which were recorded about four weeks ago.

I assume Jules is going to be the ones with the “snow” puns, since the last snow title is “The Show Must Go On”…MUSIC! Perhaps this will be a Christmas musical thing. Make Snow Mistake and Sew on and Snow forth would be build ups, Sew on and Snow forth would be something about costumes I…guess!? Then The Snow Must Go On would deal with a problem, and the then actually show the musical. This will probably appear in Club season 8, as I think all the episodes I listed above are supposed to be club episodes. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Nathan Hoobler revealed the Album 70 episode orders to me, here they are. Jumping Off, Jumping InAuto ResponseUnrelatableThe ProtectorThe Christmas BellsLet’s Call the Whole Thing Off He also said this: “Looks like the first episode will release on the Club on December 15. They will release in a slightly different order on the Club than […]

First, I want to say that all the story’s were great, and with their permission I would post them here (just contact me if you want to), but I had to chose a winner, and it was pretty close. So, the winner of the 2020 Odyssey News Fan Fiction Competition is . . .




PennyBassett (Hannah Morgan)! Congratulations!

Here is the fan fiction.

I follow Miss Katrina to the bathroom upstairs. It’s the room next to mine. My room with a bed. I’m so tired. My face is burning. I can still taste vomit on my tongue. We enter the bathroom and I look in the mirror. My blood stained face looks strange against the clean blue tile behind me. Miss Katrina is looking through a drawer at the other end of the counter. As she pulls out a few nice-looking ointment bottles and a jar of cotton balls I can feel my face going red. I’ve never felt so out of place. Even my old t-shirt and jeans standing next to her obviously expensive blouse are a dead give-away I don’t belong. The last thing she gets out is a washcloth.
“Alright,” she stands up and looks at me for a moment like my existence made her forget what she was going to say.
“Can you please tell me who did that?”
I swallow the cold realization that I want to tell her. I shake my head.
“Okay. I um. I need to get an ice pack. You can start cleaning off some of that blood. Use warm water.”
She hands me the softest washcloth I’ve ever held, then leaves the room.
The cloth in my hand is white. I take my time turning on the water, wetting it, wringing it out, and bringing it about three inches from my face. Miss Katrina comes back in. I probably look ridiculous.
“I don’t want to get your nice washcloth dirty.”
I don’t have to unfix my eyes from the floor to know my reaction confused her.
“Bloodstains come out of things. You’re not dirtying anything.”
I know she expects me to shrug and start cleaning my face, but I can’t. I’m gripping the side of the counter. Until now I could deal with the changes. I could adjust my tone and language and phrasing to be as accommodating as possible, but I can’t right now. I’m a burden.
“Will you let me, then?”
I nod.
“I’m really sorry.”
“No it’s alright. Have a seat.”
I sit on the edge of the bathtub. The cloth burns, and I try not to flinch away. I hate how vulnerable she’s making me.
“Sorry. I’m trying to be gentle.”
She’s so hesitant. He was never hesitant. An area of my torso twists. I wrap my arms around myself. She keeps cleaning, then stops to look at me.
“Here hold that- yep.”
I’m pushing the ice pack against an aching bruise on my head. It feels good and almost soothes the lump forming in my throat.
“I think that’s most of it.”
She goes to wash my blood from her lovely cloth. She was right. It didn’t stain. My stomach hurts. I clench my fists as I watch the red liquid drip down the sink. I feel nauseous again. I have to put my hand against my mouth to keep myself from throwing up on the bathroom floor. I make it into the toilet. Her hand shows up on my back as I empty my stomach. I hate myself.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” is what comes out as soon as my mouth is free of saliva.
“Hey, no. No, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
I can’t stop a tear from slipping down my cheek.
“Just sit back for a second.”
She helps me lean against the bathtub, and gives me a piece of toilet paper to wipe my mouth with.
I do and try to take a breath. It comes back out as a sob. I don’t even know why. I don’t let another one slip. Instead I sniff and hold my hands to my head. It’s throbbing. I squeeze my eyes shut, because I really don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be anywhere.
“Hey,” Katrina’s sitting across from me. “What’s going on?”
And it’s weird. It’s weird because she’s lukewarm in my brain. She’s too soft. She’s too gentle. And what I hate most is that I like it. Mr. Skint always told me I didn’t need a mom, but I’m realizing that he was wrong. I do need a mom. What’s more, I want one. And Miss Katrina’s sentence wasn’t demanding. It was understanding. Like she feels what I’m feeling. What am I feeling?
“I don’t know,” I mumble, opening my eyes. My mind feels like it’s on fire.
“Buck, do you feel safe?”
I force myself to make eye contact and break it immediately by looking at her shoulder.
“I don’t know,” I take a long breath, “Not really.”
“Do you feel safe around anyone?”
“Just you I think.”
“But I… wish you didn’t have to deal with me.”
She lowers her eyebrows.
“Buck, you weren’t pushed onto us. We chose to take you in because we care about you. We want to be your family. We want to be here for you when you need us. You’re not a burden.”
“I want to believe that, Miss Katrina.”
“It’s hard isn’t it?”
I nod. I don’t trust myself to say anything.
“What do you want to do, Buck?”
“Right now. What do you wanna do? Do you just want to go to bed? Do you want to eat a bowl of ice cream? We could watch a movie if you feel up for it.”
I can’t remember ever being asked something like that. Not recently anyway. We didn’t really have much freedom in juvie and what choices Mr. Skint did give me were small and insignificant and shrank in number as I got older. But this one is open ended. She’s asking what would make me feel better. What would make me feel comfortable, and I don’t even know the answer. The most comfort I’ve found lately is alone under blankets.
“I’m not really hungry.”
“Well that’s not a big surprise.”
“What movies do you have?”
“We have Netflix. You wanna find something on there?”
“Okay,” I can’t help but smile a little. I stand up, she hands me my ice pack and flushes the toilet. And then we go downstairs where Mr. Eugene is sitting on the couch, eating leftover mashed potatoes and scrolling through his phone. We exchange toothless smiles.

We turned on the first episode of Sherlock. Until that night I knew he’d felt uncomfortable in our home. He did for a while after that. But I think that was the first time he let his guard down a little. He wrapped himself in a blanket and curled up in our living room arm chair where he eventually fell asleep. Then we woke him up and he apologized through his scabbed over lips and was surprised when we weren’t bothered. Then he thanked me for the ice pack, and Eugene asked him if he’s sure he doesn’t want the police involved. Buck said he didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble and gave us some probably fake words of being okay and everything really not being a big deal. But I knew it was. He’d let me see. That was when I made a promise to myself. I promised to make sure he felt safe. Safe to talk to us. Safe from people who would lie to him. Safe with himself. There was a lot of work to do. But at the very least, that night gave me hope.

We can discuss your prize later! Again, thank you all of the contestants for your wonderful entries! I really enjoyed reading them! Stay tuned for next year’s Odyssey News Fan Fiction Competition!

The fan fiction contest deadline is less that three weeks away (September 30th). If I haven’t got more that two or three entries, then I will postpone the deadline. Happy writing!

Since I haven’t been making a lot of posts lately, I decided to host a contest, the first Odyssey News Fan Fiction Competition!! Here are the rules:

-Keep it appropriate, G rated.

-Entries must be from 500 words to 1,000 words (if your fiction is over on under the limits, please contact me on my contact page here: http://odyssey-news.com/contact/)

-Turn it in by September 30th 2020, through the contact page here: http://odyssey-news.com/contact/.

-It has to be about Odyssey.

-You may include up to three characters that aren’t in current, or past Odyssey.

That’s pretty much it, if you have any questions, please comment below! Also, if you want to share this on your blog, please do so! I want to get as many entries as I can!

So today I did a Q&A with Riley Davison (From The AIO Insider see here:https://aioinsider.home.blog/). Here is what he said!

Question#1: When did you start listening to Odyssey, and what is the first episode you remember hearing?

I started listening around 2011 or so. The first episode I listened to… That’s hard. I think some episode in The Green Ring Conspiracy

Question#2: What is your favorite Odyssey episode/episodes?

That’s hard. I haven’t really decided on a favorite, but I can give you a favorite the comes to my mind. I like The Top Floor. That’s most likely not my all time favorite, but It’s one I like.

Question#3: What is your favorite overall Odyssey album?

That’s hard, but I have to go with The Sky’s The Limit.

Question#4: What is your favorite Odyssey quote?

“Quite simple, really. Operation Think Tank will enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin?”

Question#5: What is your favorite Odyssey character/characters?

Trent DeWhite, And Riley from The Friend Formula :).

Question#6: What is your favorite Odyssey saga, and what is your favorite episode in that saga?

Novacom. I can’t really pick a favorite episode… I haven’t listened to it for a while, but maybe Plan B Part 2… idk

Question#7: What do you do when you’re not listing to Odyssey?

I play with my friends, play piano, draw, bike, blog, chat, school, and more

Question#8: What is your favorite food?

Enchiladas or Burritos

Question#9: What do you dislike about present day Odyssey?

I dislike Whit sometimes, that he is a bit to kind, and doesn’t get mad if a kid misbehaves, or in other situations. (sometimes he does)

Question#10: If there were three things you could change about present/past Odyssey, what would they be?

1, Make 12 episode albums return, 2, new theme song, and HAVE MORRIE BE THE REAL VILLAN,

Question#11: Do you own any Odyssey merchandise, such as albums, other products, etc.

2 albums. I really need to get more.

Question#12: If you could have one story idea made into an Odyssey script, what would it be?

The idea my poll is about Whit’s End being shut down for the “incidences” That have happened, if you know what I mean

Well thanks for that Riley, I really liked doing this! Hopefully I can do this again sometime with someone else!