So today I did a Q&A with Riley Davison (From The AIO Insider see here: Here is what he said!

Question#1: When did you start listening to Odyssey, and what is the first episode you remember hearing?

I started listening around 2011 or so. The first episode I listened to… That’s hard. I think some episode in The Green Ring Conspiracy

Question#2: What is your favorite Odyssey episode/episodes?

That’s hard. I haven’t really decided on a favorite, but I can give you a favorite the comes to my mind. I like The Top Floor. That’s most likely not my all time favorite, but It’s one I like.

Question#3: What is your favorite overall Odyssey album?

That’s hard, but I have to go with The Sky’s The Limit.

Question#4: What is your favorite Odyssey quote?

“Quite simple, really. Operation Think Tank will enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin?”

Question#5: What is your favorite Odyssey character/characters?

Trent DeWhite, And Riley from The Friend Formula :).

Question#6: What is your favorite Odyssey saga, and what is your favorite episode in that saga?

Novacom. I can’t really pick a favorite episode… I haven’t listened to it for a while, but maybe Plan B Part 2… idk

Question#7: What do you do when you’re not listing to Odyssey?

I play with my friends, play piano, draw, bike, blog, chat, school, and more

Question#8: What is your favorite food?

Enchiladas or Burritos

Question#9: What do you dislike about present day Odyssey?

I dislike Whit sometimes, that he is a bit to kind, and doesn’t get mad if a kid misbehaves, or in other situations. (sometimes he does)

Question#10: If there were three things you could change about present/past Odyssey, what would they be?

1, Make 12 episode albums return, 2, new theme song, and HAVE MORRIE BE THE REAL VILLAN,

Question#11: Do you own any Odyssey merchandise, such as albums, other products, etc.

2 albums. I really need to get more.

Question#12: If you could have one story idea made into an Odyssey script, what would it be?

The idea my poll is about Whit’s End being shut down for the “incidences” That have happened, if you know what I mean

Well thanks for that Riley, I really liked doing this! Hopefully I can do this again sometime with someone else!