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My First Fan Fiction Competition!!

Since I haven’t been making a lot of posts lately, I decided to host a contest, the first Odyssey News Fan Fiction Competition!! Here are the rules: -Keep it appropriate, G rated. -Entries must be from 500 words to 1,000 words (if your fiction is over on under the limits, please contact me on my […]

Q&A with Riley Davison (of The AIO Insider)!

So today I did a Q&A with Riley Davison (From The AIO Insider see here:https://aioinsider.home.blog/). Here is what he said! Question#1: When did you start listening to Odyssey, and what is the first episode you remember hearing? I started listening around 2011 or so. The first episode I listened to… That’s hard. I think some […]


Jules’s Salvation

So, we sort of have confirmation that Jules will become a christian in California Dreams, Part 2. Let me explain, I was looking through the leaked information of the rest of the album 69 episodes, and I found the verses for the next two episodes in the album. Part 1: “Fear of man will prove […]