The cover for Album 74: Buckle Up (hopefully not nodding towards Buckles) has just been released, here it is:

Here is the official summary:

To this point Renee and Horus have only appeared in club adventures, not anymore. In Album 74, both are back for a scientific breakthrough of monumental proportions. But there’s a catch: the technology is based on Mr. Whittaker’s Imagination Station – and he didn’t give them permission to use it! Will Renee risk her friendship with Whit for the name of science?

Olivia’s spiritual journey continues. When she gives her testimony at church, big questions arise that she can’t answer. How will she handle it? Can she take the next step while still reflecting God’s love?

Elsewhere in town, friendships are at stake when Buck and Jules hit a
rough patch that could endanger theirs. Meanwhile, Morrie and Suzu
try to find a healthy path toward making new friends. And Wooton
faces a courtroom struggle that pits him against an o/d friend.

The folks in Odyssey are about to face all sorts of twists and turns. So
mark your calendar for December 15. Then keep your hands and arms
inside the car at all times… and Buckle Up!

It seems like Album 73 will not continue in “Buckle Up” , I wasn’t expecting it to, until at least Album 75. I have also heard that Eugene will not be addressed in this album, which is interesting because Buck is featured prominently on both the cover and the description. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this album, especially the episode dealing with Olivia!