Jules, Wooton and Connie will appear in either
Make Snow Mistake,
Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss
Sew on and Snow Forth
The Snow Must Go On
Voice of Freedom 1 & 2
A Dickensian Dilemma

Which were recorded about four weeks ago.

I assume Jules is going to be the ones with the “snow” puns, since the last snow title is “The Show Must Go On”…MUSIC! Perhaps this will be a Christmas musical thing. Make Snow Mistake and Sew on and Snow forth would be build ups, Sew on and Snow forth would be something about costumes I…guess!? Then The Snow Must Go On would deal with a problem, and the then actually show the musical. This will probably appear in Club season 8, as I think all the episodes I listed above are supposed to be club episodes. Let me know what you think in the comments.